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Founded in 1995, Embanet ( was a leader in providing online services to college and universities offering online education. I served 3 years as the SuccessLetter Columnist for Embanet, writing a monthly column (2002-2005). In October 2010, Embanet merged with Compass Knowledge Group and became Embanet-Compass Knowledge Group ( Pearson subsequently purchased the company, and it is now PearsonEmbanet. 

Other articles by Dr. Glenn have been published in the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register. Also included below are selected articles published in the Anaheim Blog (

Common Core Writing Gobsmacks Teachers and Students: Part I (3/3/2015)

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Learn "Quick": Just ClickLearn "Quick": Just Click

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Dumbing Down Online Education (12/2004)

Humpty Dumpty Language (11/2004)

Greater Access to Higher Education for Less Cost (10/2004)

e-Learning for e-Prisoners (9/2004)

e-Tips Or e-Rips? (8/2004)

Distance Education and a Law Degree (7/2004)

It's About Time (6/2004)

Google: A Powerful Web Research Tool (5/2004)

Learning Is Sometimes a Spectator Sport (4/2004)

Unsubstantiated Opinions and Unsupported Perceptions Reign (3/2004)

Distance Education Down Under (2/2004)

Wanted: An Instructional Role for the Distance Educator (1/2004)

David Wiley on Educational Research (11/2003)

Let Valid Research Begin (10/2003)

Wasting the Potential of Distance Education (8/2003)

Prystowsky on Learning (7/2003)

Wanted: An Empirical Underbelly for Distance Education (6/2003)

The First Principle of Instruction (4/2003)

Revolutionizing Higher Education (3/2003)

Is Richard Clark Right? Are Media Merely Delivery Systems? (2/2003)

How Content Teachers Interfere With Learning: Part II (1/2003)

How Content Teachers Interfere With Learning (12/2002)

The Myth of Learning Styles (11/2002)

The Wrong Bet (10/2002)

The Black Hole in Distance Education (9/2002)

A Second Look at Dale's Cone of Learning (7/2002)

The Insignificance of the No Significant Difference Phenomena (6/2002)

Skill-Based Reading Instruction: Stairway to Nowhere (1977)

How Content Teachers Interfere With Reading and Learning to Read (1976)

The Unimportance of Visual and Auditory Perception in Reading (1976)

The Myth of the Label Learning Disabled Child (3/1975)

NCLB: The Wrong Solution for the Wrong Problem

Add Another Myth to the Professional Literature: Each Student Needs a Laptop Computer


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